Helping Parents, Helping Children: Exploring the Promise of Two-Generation Programs

Kelvin KC Seah, University of Otago/Princeton University (joint with IRS and co-sponsored by Global Network in Child Migration) - "The Impact of Immigrant Peers on Native Students’ Academic Achievement: When Immigrants’ Parents are Relatively Skilled"

** Harlem charter school students are more likely to attend college, less likely to become incarcerated or pregnant **

A school in Harlem is seeing positive outcomes that stretch beyond test scores – including higher college-acceptance rates and lower incidences of teen pregnancy and incarceration, according to a Princeton-Harvard University study. Students who attend the Promise Academy are 49 percent more likely to attend college, 71 percent less likely to become pregnant and 100 percent less likely to be incarcerated than their Harlem peers attending public schools.

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Professor Bree Picower

Working Paper 32: "Financial Incentives and Educational Investment: The Impact of Performance-Based Scholarships on Student Time Use"
Barrow, Lisa
Rouse, Cecilia Elena

Working Paper 31: Does the “Mismatch Hypothesis” Apply to Hispanic Students at Selective Colleges?
Golann, Joanne W.
Gentsch, Kerstin
Chung, Chang Y.
Espenshade, Thomas J.

Cecilia Rouse named Woodrow Wilson School dean

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